Fee Structure

Currently, there is an annual management fee for the services of Dyer Capital Management, payable quarterly as follows:

Total Market Value of Assets Annual Fee
Up to $250,000 1.25%
$250,001 – $3,000,000 1.00%
Over $3,000,000 0.75%

There is no charge for initial account set-up work or for the development of a formal asset allocation plan.

Further, DCM receives no compensation whatsoever in the way of commissions, fees, or other charges from Charles Schwab or any other brokerage house. DCM is strictly a fee-only investment adviser. We are compensated only by our clients via annual management fees for assets under management. We are not paid because of the activity in clients’ accounts or because of the types of investments recommended. This means that our portfolio recommendations are completely unbiased. Our interests are aligned with our clients in that each of us is pursuing portfolio growth, not transaction volume. Our management fee is based only on the size of the portfolio now and in the future.

We welcome an opportunity to discuss your individual investment goals and objectives.

DCM is a Registered Investment Adviser with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.