Investment Management Philosophy

At Dyer Capital Management (DCM), we believe the key to successful investment management is appropriate asset allocation. Each class of assets, ranging from money market instruments to bonds to equities, has its own risks and return characteristics. The proportion of each asset class within a portfolio depends on the client’s investment objectives and the ever-changing economic environment. Regardless of the asset class, however, the primary investment vehicles recommended to clients are no-load mutual funds. These investments provide numerous benefits. First, there are no commission charges, which means that virtually 100% of your money goes to work for you immediately. Second, clients enjoy the relative safety of a diversified portfolio of investments selected by an experienced investment adviser. When compared to individual stocks, equity mutual funds generally provide much less potential volatility and downside risk. We also invest, when appropriate, in individual stocks and bonds for clients.

Further, we normally recommend that a portion of each client’s equities allocation be invested in at least one diversified international or global mutual fund. Such an investment actually brings more diversification and less volatility to a portfolio.